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5 Ways to Overcome the Habit of Children Defecating in the Pants

Habit of children defecating in pants may sometimes make Mother annoyed. If it happens at school, this can also make a child embarrassed and teased by his friends. Therefore, this habit needs to be overcome immediately. The habit of child CHAPTER on pants can be caused by various things. One of them is because children are afraid to defecate themselves. So that this habit does not continue, you should know the other causes of this habit and how to overcome them. Various Possible Causes of Child Defecation in Pants There are various causes of a child's bowel movements in his pants, ranging from the child's fear of going to the bathroom, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, to the condition of encopresis. When constipation, pain when going to CHAPTER often make children choose to hold it. Only, the stool will continue to accumulate and can just come out of the anus without being able to hold again. This is what then causes the child to defecate in the pants. In additio
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Tips to Relieve Chirping and Shortness of Breath in Children

Hearing the sound of bad breath on Little One often makes parents feel worried. Usually the sound of this breath will be more clearly heard when the Little One is sleeping. Is this dangerous and can make it short of breath? Then how to overcome it? Generally, the breath sounds in Little is caused by the accumulation of mucus in the respiratory tract. This condition is indeed common, especially in newborns, because the respiratory tract is not fully developed. But as he gets older, the complaint will disappear by itself. In addition, breathing sounds can also indicate a disturbance in the Little Child's respiratory tract. The reason could be due to increased production of mucus in the airways or narrowing of the airways due to inflammation. Type of breath sounds in your baby In children, there are several types of breath sounds that parents can recognize from the sounds made, namely: Whistle sound The sound of breath like this is caused by a mild blockage in the Little r

Various Ways to Increase Body Immunity So Not Easy to Sick

The immune system or immune system has an important role in maintaining health. The body's immunity must be maintained properly so that it is not easily attacked by diseases. There are various ways you can do to increase body immunity. Including implementing a healthy lifestyle, avoiding stress, to taking supplements to keep the immune system in prime condition. Implement a Healthy Lifestyle So that the body's immunity can work optimally so that the body is not susceptible to disease, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Here are some steps that can be taken to maintain and enhance body immunity: Expand to eat vegetables and fruit To maintain and enhance body immunity, you are advised to increase consumption of vegetables and fruit. Research shows, people who consume a lot of both types of food, tend not to get sick easily. This is because the vitamins and minerals contained in vegetables and fruits can strengthen the immune system against viruses and bacte